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Youtube Proxy

Enjoy our free web proxy tool for youtube. Using the youtube proxy tool allows unrestricted and uncensored browsing keeping your private information anonymous and secure. You make a request via our site, we fetch the resource and send it back to you.

Browsing through us both keeps you anonymous from the sites you visit and allows you to bypass any network restrictions from your government, workplace or college.

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Hey all, Simon here:

Its not often that I write Reviews, but I found a youtube automation tool that is so awesome, I just had to share it with you guys!

As Youtube Marketing continues to grow more popular, the demand for automation follows quickly behind. Everyday Youtube Marketers post new videos and commentary to their channels. Each of these Marketers share a common goal, to spawn new subscribers and viewers so they can easily promote their products or services. The problem is, competition is generally unavoidable, videos are better and better by the day, and to get ahead Youtube marketers have to maintain high level of focus, and sometimes utilize tools like youtube toolbox to reach those high ranks.

Once the subscription goals are reached, It’s the job of marketer to keep users engaged in the and returning to the channel. This process can be very time consuming, and difficult. This is where Tube Tool Box comes in.Youtube toolboxautomates everything from Bulk Friend Requests, Bulk User Profile Comments, and much more!

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Tube Toolbox

Tube Toolbox is a “YouTube Bot” and works by automating Friend Requests, Messages, Comments and Sharing Videos. Set up a few parameters, click ‘Start’ and walk away. Tube Toolbox handles the rest!

Getting your message out on YouTube has never been easier with the introduction of Tube Toolbox. Tube Toolbox is YouTube software often referred to as a “YouTube Friend Bot”, “YouTube Friend Adder”, “Social Marketing Software”, “Video Marketing Software” or simply a “YouTube Marketing Tool”.

Tube Toolbox offers many features that allow you to increase your friends list, increase subscribers, increase channel views, increase video views, gain popularity, get into the top videos section and ultimately increasing your exposure.

The main YouTube Marketing features offered by Tube Toolbox are listed below with a brief description of how each can help. What they do is automate many of the YouTube marketing processes that you normally must do by hand. For example, using Tube Toolbox, you can send 100’s or 1000’s of Friend Requests, Messages, Comments or Subscription Invites while you sleep! Simply set up some parameters and click a start button; Tube Toolbox handles the rest.

Bulk Friend Requests

Sending Friend Requests is a great way to get more people to view your YouTube Channel on a daily basis. Most people who accept your Friend Request (and even those who don’t) will check out your Channel and view a video or two on your page (more if they like what they see). Sending Automated Friend Requests is a good way to gradually gain exposure over time but not a great way to gain Video Views in a short period of time. However, once you have amassed a great deal of Friends, you can send out Bulletins (messages) which get sent to ALL of your friends so eventually it will lead to a great way to reach many people at once….

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Bulk Message Sending

Send mass-automated messages is great when you are promoting something outside of YouTube (your website for example). Messages are the only way to include a URL in any kind of contact with a user unless you embed it in your video for example. Messaging can be slow – YouTube only allows you to send out about 16 messages per hour. To get around this, Tube Toolbox allows you to add ‘Proxy Accounts’. So you can have your regular account (for example “MyYTAccount”), then you can create more accounts in YouTube (“MyYTAccount2″, “MyYTAccount3″, “MyYTAccount4″, etc) and Tube Toolbox will cycle through them sending messages…

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Bulk User Profile Comments

If you do not have a targeted audience, then Bulk User Comments are a great option. Comments are posted on user profiles where everyone else can see them (as opposed to Messages where only the person you send it to will see it). The downside is that you can’t post URLs. You can get creative “Tube Toolbox dot com” instead of “” but YouTube even blocks some of those variations so try them out before using Tube Toolbox to make sure that you aren’t wasting the sends. With Comments, after every 5 or 6 comments, you will be asked to enter a Security Code (also known as CAPTCHA). Tube Toolbox gives you two options to bypass CAPTCHA. If you are at your computer, you can simply enter the Security Code or you can tell Tube Toolbox to wait 10 minutes for the code to go away and continue sending….

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Bulk Video Text Comments

Many people use this to post text comments to popular videos on YouTube or videos that are similar to the ones that they are promoting. For example, if you are a rock band with similar music to Pearl Jam, you could gather all videos from a “Pear Jam” search and post a comment on all of them that says “If you like this kind of music, check out my profile – we have great similar stuff”. Like comments on User Profiles, comments on Videos will last indefinitely so people could read them today or a year from now and they will not only be viewed by the people who made the video but by everyone who looks at the video. Another way to promote is to gather the Top Videos for the day on YouTube and keep posting on those because those are the videos that are getting the most view and most comment views. This will get random users however and not a targeted audience…

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Bulk Subscriptions

Believe it or not, this is another great way to increase subscribers, increase friends, increase views and gain exposure. All over YouTube, you see people posting “Sub4Sub”, etc. This means that if you subscribe to someone’s channel, they will subscribe to your channel. Doing bulk Subscriptions in Tube Toolbox will end up getting many people to subscribe back to you and take a look at your Channel. Plus, you are now associated with their account and show up in their list of Subscribers. This means that if someone is browsing their channel, your Channel, Image and Videos will show up and could spark someone’s interested in you…

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Bulk Share a Video

Sharing a video is the best way to promote a single video to many people at once. You can select one of your videos and send it to many people at once (not one at a time like other bulk features). The downside is that YouTube is not reliable. Even though you can share a video with 1,000’s of people at once using the YouTube interface, if you try to do it, it will give you a message saying “Server Error” because YouTube could not handle the request (too big). So, we recommend sending to 100 people or less at a time. You will immediately see an increase in your video views for whichever video you are sharing…

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Visit The Official Site For Video Demos And More

Screen Shots

Tube Toolbox Start Page and Main Interface

Many Ways to Gather Users + Videos and Reach your Target Market

Gathering All From Page(s)

Gathering Status Screen

Gathering Some from Page

Manage User Lists

Select Recipients to Send To

Bulk Friend Request Sending

Sending Status Screen

Bulk Message Sending

Post Bulk Comments on Videos

Post Bulk Comments on User Profiles

Manage Users and Videos in Groups

Tube Toolbox is a revolutionary youtube automation software that will forever change the way you market on YouTube™

Visit The Official Site For Video Demos And More

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